Monday, November 18, 2013

Estoy envenenado con las ganas y el deseo
De mil hombres, no dos mil, no diez mil, no…de todos los hombres que han tenido ganas,
Y de un miedo que explica la
Razon en terminos
De el idealismo magico,
El realismo fatigado,
La tortura dulce,
La misericordia divina,
La revolucion cotidiana,
Una paranoya perfecta,
Y un simbolismo embriagado.

En donde te encuentras, y como te encuentro? Me has dejado moribundo, paraplegico,
desolado, desmallado, debil, anonadado, sentimental, y con la sabiduria de un cojo,
que se le ha olvidado como era el
Caminar sin tropesarce con
Sus propias ideas.

Mira, lo que estoy diciendo es que
Al fin me siento completo,
Y es todo gracias a ti.

To her

What a fecund and glorious yesterday 
I will wake up to tomorrow!
Full of the living, breathing, teething, 
mesmerizing, rehabilitating  memory
of what life brought us today.
I am terrified of the reality that we now live in 
but I am willing to fight against 
every drunken urge 
that they throw our way.
This will not be easy
and it shouldn't be.

When I said you are a type of magic
I meant that you are truth.
The kind of truth that leaves little 
memories around town,
on my clothes
in my beard
against my skin
wrapped around a finger
in my subconscious.
I am still finding your hair everywhere.
I have grown accustomed to it,
but it still surprises me.
It still scares me.
I am raving mad.
I am drunk but I have not touched a drop of alcohol.
I am a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing.
I am drunk with thoughts of you.
You are eyes, ears, mouth, legs, breasts,
freckles, hope, stomach, flesh, blood, 
whispers, dreams, a fantastic ass, 
passion, a midnight tremble, the space between words
in my favorite book, the loud silence
I hear when the world is quiet, a forgotten
goddess, a moment of peace, a fierce wind,
an answered prayer, magic.

You are a type of magic
which bursts with the beauty
of a thousand pregnant suns!
Yearning for desire, passion, knowledge,
sex, flesh, lust, love, a fuck that will leave you
exhausted and sleeping for a couple of nights,
until you wake up,
kiss me again,
and whisper at me with your eyes.

I am left hollow just imagining
what you taste like,
what you feel like,
what you look like,
what you dream of,
what you want out of this,
& what you keep from me
in between smiles and laughter.Don't hold you tongue.
Give in to your bursts!
For heaven's sake,