Monday, November 17, 2014

re: a conversation

svelte subdued tenacity, vibrant eloquent womb
precarious subliminal intimacy, depravity indulged innocence
you give me your hand, i give you cement

the new orchids of starving alligators;
mere repression attacking your nerves -- don't resist

whereever you go, i'll be drowning myself in bestial
sentimentality in hopes of

killing whatever (part of me that) keeps you alive.

spectral divinities of infirm'd saints,
    give me the pantheon of celestial imbeciles
    and pay me alimony give me your tithe
    dream me up some more fucking wine.

wake up in the arms of the one you now hate
because you once loved;
think of the respiratory dandelions,
holding no grudges, showing no vanity.
    where were you when the hunger set in
    and dismemberment was the nationalistic scent
    of fortified troops called "The Whallops"
    as they fought the flower'd wars?


design a didactic gospel, veil'd in lubricity
in turpentine
in elastic motives
that leaves unfurnished skin to

[welcome those who come back.]

rest on your grandfather's laurel'd armchair,
thick with illusions.
can you hear the symphonic tenacity?

do you see the vibrancy with which i promise tomorrow?