Friday, December 12, 2014


Sitting in a white room,
Undisturbed by windows and doors,
I close my eyes,
& I can sense your silhouette;
Your warmth, lingering all over the
And my teeth are falling out one by one,
and there, next to the floor,
I see your arm, peeking in through
the silence, and the infinite
density of all is sinking in,
deep -- right to the wick of
my bones, right into the atmosphere
of my longing.
this white room is not my prison;
it is my delirium. All nothing
and yet, everything is there.

Abruptly, everything crumbles into a disenchanted fog of clarity.
Tear me limb from limb with the
web of hair you left
under my nails.
Tear me into a whole piece,
united by the strings and the very fabric of what I was.
Disentangle the cobweb that lingers
on my eyelashes.
Tell me you want more
with the breath of your lips,
with the scent of your morals.

What is there to live for
except love?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gold and Poinsettias

i fell asleep somewhere between here and there,
and the resonance of tears
flutterin around my ears
like celestial thrumps.

i dont want to know
what the giant hides behind his back;
just tell me where you
keep my secrets.
i will put all the flowers in your hair
if you'll only give them back --
each one dressed with
a kiss.

i woke up somewhere far and near
and all that was left was guilt.
hold my head and tell
"December the 6th, exactly"
i promise to know what you mean.
gold. more gold.
all the gold.
and poinsettias;
champagne, too.
hair: red and yellow.
lips: red and lonely.
eyes: blue violet and green, depending on the
skin: cold and warm
mind: radiant.
heart: perfect.

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Portrait of a Rainy Night

Fearing the sound of rain,
as the city lingers
in the form of
hallways, highways, parkways,
side-streets, parking lots, empty lots,
stores, bars, cafes, theaters,
and shadows (oh, the shadows)
of where we got to know each other,
of where we came,
of where we came to like each other,
of where we grew to love one another,

I sit and wait.

Monday, December 1, 2014

An Anecdotal Dinner Party

"where did i leave the mona lisa?
how about dali's moustache? is it in the car?"
"why did the violins start on time?"
"don't they know you can't be bother'd?"
"where did you park the minutes i gave you,
i was sure you'd hold on to them
until they matured and became hours -- no matter."
"i'll dress you up, and serve you up on a platter
to welldressed and wellmannered versions of myself
with cavier and mustard." "bring out the
"make me delirious"
"give me your maladies."
"i wish to be sick with you."
"hide in my veins; tickle me under my skin.
come here with your throat,
and let me hold it between my hands."
"more violins!"
"more champagne!"
"come here with your whispers
and let me hold them between my lips."
"give me your womb
and i'll hold on to it for safekeeping."
"let me give you the time;
i have no use for it."

"where did i leave the mona lisa?
and the venus de milo" -- "no matter,"
"give me your arms, and stand still."