Monday, March 14, 2016

No. 1

To know who you are,
Where you live,
Where you work,
Where you like to drink,
Where you like to eat,
the street on which your old apartment resides with all the living memories of the boy whom you used to love (and possibly still do),
the grocery store you were against because you understand how gentrification works but they had the best selection,
the restaurants you know because other men had taken you there and you appreciated each date because you now have new recipes to recreate at home,
the library near your house that you will visit when the day is slow and if i was near we would either go to together or go on a day trip to visit your parents your sister and your niece and nephew who would (hopefully) come to see me as their uncle not by blood but by a stronger bond: choice,

to know of your existence
to feel what i feel
to feel what you feel

to attempt to fight against time
and to only wear myself out because that is the only fight that cant be won;

to know all of this and for it to still not be enough:

this is the definition of injustice.

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