Wednesday, May 11, 2016

forgive us (for we have sinned)

the Glandular hypothesis
contains something of the ephemeral, of the rotund, of the obsolete

something of the fecund, the titanic,

something of the past, the present,

(It contains no trace nor shadow
        of the future)

the hypothetical Glandular hypothesis

was designed by the hand of God, by the hand of the Abyss, by the hand on the clock that

reminds us: we are already late;

by the sacr'd hand that holds us as we cross the street, cross our hearts,
cross out the names of the ones we once lov-d,

Chin up. and Steady on.

the Glandular Hypothesis will be proven wrong December the 32nd, approximately; and June 15th, exactly.

Chin up.

what testicular vanity has lead to the procedural involvement between Faith & Reason -- anything to secure our place on top.

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